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A Guide to Online Bingo

Bingo is a fun and sociable game that has been enjoyed by generations of players, and its online equivalent is proving to be just as popular, if not even more so. Online bingo offers many of the advantages of its real life equivalent without necessitating the player to leave the house. This makes it perfect for the player who does not live near any bingo halls, or wishes to play at different times of day.

The social element of the bingo hall is recreated in the online world via chat rooms that enable you to talk to and listen to other players while you play, as long as you have a headset with a microphone. Alternatively, you can use a text based chat room, although this may be too distracting for some players. The forums on bingo websites also offer a fun social element as well as invaluable tips and special offers.

The online version of bingo is pretty much the same as the hall based equivalent, although in most cases an electronic display board has replaced the bingo caller. As the numbers are called out, it is your responsibility to mark them off on your cards, and if you have a sequence, it is your responsibility to call ‘bingo’, which usually involves clicking an onscreen button or pressing a key. You can put the game into automatic mode, and this will ensure that your cards get marked while you are taking a break. However, games can be won or lost by calling ‘Bingo’ a fraction of a second before someone else, and the automatic mode is slow in this regard. Therefore, you should only use automatic mode occasionally, as you will have a much slimmer chance of winning if you just leave it on all the time.

When you sign up to an online bingo site, you usually have to give your credit or debit card details so that you can buy cards. However, most will offer you a no deposit bonus when you sign up, which enables you to play a few games for free before you have to start paying for cards. Try to find a site that offers a high no deposit bonus on signup, such as the 32 Red website, which gives new players a £10 no deposit bonus when they register to play online bingo.

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