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Bingo Games

Here is a summary of the Bingo Games that you are likely to find online.

75 ball bingo board75 Ball Bingo

This game is played on a board that is a square 5 by 5 grid containing 24 numbers. The middle number is a free one, similar to standard prize bingo set up. The first column contains numbers between 1 and 15 inclusive, the second column contain numbers between 16 and 30 inclusive, the third column contains numbers between 31 and 45 inclusive, the fourth column contains numbers between 46 and 60 inclusive and the fifth column contains numbers between 61 and 75 inclusive.

75 ball bingo was traditionally more popular in the USA, but is now finding favour in the UK, appearing at many online bingo rooms including:

There are different types of ways you can win the game depending on the rules. You could win for a horizontal line, a straight line, a diagonal line or the four corners. Some people play for different patterns such as X's or Z's but this is less common. Jackpot games are normally "full house", ie "coverall", where you only win if every single number on the board is covered over. Note that "coverall" is the Americanism for "full house".

90 ball bingo ticket90 Ball Bingo

90 Ball Bingo is the traditional bingo game played in the UK. It is the usual game that is played at bricks and mortar bingo halls. The bingo cards each have 3 rows and 9 columns of numbers. If you buy a set of 6 cards, you will mark off one and only one number on each call. Numbers are from 1 to 90. Each row contains five ascending numbers. The columns contain the following numbers:

You can win by either being the first to get a line going horizontally across the card, or being the first to get a "full house", ie the first person to cover all the numbers on the card. Occasionally you can win a prize if you are the first person to cover all the numbers on two lines. Prizes for a full house are usually greater than those for a line.

You can play 90 ball bingo at all of the above mentioned bingo rooms, plus:

Progressive Bingo

Bingo games are getting bigger and more lucrative for the lucky winners, and so progressive bingo is becoming more popular. Prizes can be tens of thousands of pounds and occasionally even a million pounds!

Progressive jackpots increase in size with each game of bingo played, until somebody wins it. As the jackpot gets higher and higher, the more exciting the games become - a bit like when the National Lottery keeps having rollovers. Progressive jackpots are usually of the "full house" or "coverall" variety, where the winner will need to cover all the numbers in under less than, say, 50 numbers called. Usually a (smaller) prize will be awarded if a player gets a full house in more than 50 numbers.

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