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bingo glossary of terms

A complete glossary of words and expressions used in bingo

Bingo, like lots of other games, has its own language to describe many aspects and parts of the game. In this glossary, each term will be identified and an appropriate translation provided.

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Bingo Glossary

Bingo board
This can mean one of two things:

  1. Usually an electronic board that is lit up when you insert your money into the slot next to it. It can contain 4x4 or 5x5 numbers, usually from 1 - 75. The 5x5 version has a free play in the centre. Frequently used for prize bingo at seaside resorts in the UK, numbers are marked off by means of a plastic flap that you slide over the number. They are often arranged so that one, two, three or four boards are played if place sufficient coins into the slot. However, you have to be very careful not to miss numbers if you do this!
  2. The board (which can be electronic) where the numbers that have been called are either placed or lit up.

Bingo booklet - When you go to a bingo hall, you buy one or more booklets of bingo tickets of different colours. One ticket (which can contain up to 6 cards) is used per game. You have to use the correctly coloured ticket for each game, but the games are played sequentially and the caller will advise the colour of the ticket being played at the start of each game.

Bingo card - one game on a bingo ticket. In the UK game, this consists of three lines containing numbers from 1 -90. In the US game, it consists of a 5 x 5 grid of numbers containing numbers from 1 - 75.

Bingo marker - the same as a dauber

Bingo ticket - one page of a bingo booklet.

Blackout - this is a game where every number on the board should be covered. It is also referred to as coverall. In the UK, the expression "Full House" is preferred, but some of the online bingo rooms use the American terms.

Blower - an device that blows air into the bingo balls to randomise them, then dispense them individually to the caller, who reads out the number then places it on the bingo board.

dauberCaller - The person who calls out the numbers during the game.

Chat Games - Games that you play games against other players in the bingo chat room for prizes.

Dauber - The large circular highlighter pen used to mark off the numbers called.

Early Bird - A game played before the start of the main session.

Free play - The square in the middle of a US 5x5 bingo card or UK prize bingo card that is always covered over.

Full house - See blackout

Keno - In a typical game of a keno, a player marks at random 20 numbers from the numbers 1-80 on their card. The caller then draws 20 numbers at random. The more numbers you have that correspond with those drawn, the larger your prize. The game of keno is thought to have originate in Ancient China.

Night Owl - Extra games played after the end of the main session.

Prize bingo - Bingo in which the prize is a coupon which can be exchanged for a prize, or combined with other coupons to secure a larger prize. Typical prizes include dolls, cutlery sets, plates, pan sets and other items that you probably neither want nor need.

Progressive Jackpot - A jackpot for a full house game that must be won in under, eg 45 numbers. More money is added to the pot each week until the game is won. Alternatively, the amount of money in the jackpot might stay the same, but it becomes easier to win each week by increasing the number of numbers in which the full house can be completed. Eg week 2, 46 number; week 3, 47 numbers etc.

Speed Bingo - A game where numbers are called very quickly and you have to mark off less numbers in order to win. This is often played as a filler between the main sessions.








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