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Bingo Toaster

bingo toasterDon't you just love this new bingo toaster? In fact, it's not being marketed as a bingo toaster, although its designers claim that it is the world's first rotary toaster. The advantage of this design, apart from it being a substitute bingo cage, is that it will toast bread that isn't flat.

We Brits are so two dimensional. We can only toast a flat slice of bread. Some of our toasters can toast thicker slices or "doorsteps". But how about this one? This is the world's first three dimensional toaster, capable of toasting rolls, mini baguettes, croissants and a range of other breads. Admittedly, croissants would produce a lot of crumbs whilst they are being toasted, but the Bingo Toaster does boast a crumb catching tray. Interestingly, there are separate slots in the side for toasting ordinary slices of bread, so this toaster could prove useful for families who like big breakfasts - and of course, bingo players who like to play jokes on their friends...

In fact, this device is not being called a bingo toaster at all, but is in fact name the "Patentee". That sounds like the past tense of patented in French to me. The toaster is indeed a French design. However, I think they have misnamed it. Bingo Toaster would be preferable, especially if they want the design to do well in the UK market.

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