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Bingo Fundraising

Bingo is found all over the UK and is one of the most popular forms of raising funds for non-profit purposes that there is. You will find bingo fund raisers at schools, churches and other charities. Bingo fund raisers traditionally do well because the advertisements for them generate excitement and everyone likes the opportunity to win something. There are no age limits as both young and old can participate. Sometimes the events can be sponsored by local companies who donate prizes to be won, in exchange for a little "free" advertising.

Not only is fundraising using bingo a profitable activity, but it is also easy to organise and set up. For example, here is all the equipment that is needed (purchase the Bingo Set to the right from a UK based online shop):

A charity bingo night is also quite easy to run in terms of the number of people required to run it. You will need:

At a small event, it would be possible for one person to do all of the above tasks.









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