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How to Play Chinese Blackjack

The traditional game of blackjack has many different offshoots that have been developed and played over time. One of these is known as Chinese Blackjack. The game may have different names depending upon where it is played. For instance, in Cantonese the game is referred to as ban-nag while in Hokkein the game is known as ban-luck. Regardless of the name, it is rather similar to traditional blackjack with some twists that add a bit of complexity to the game.

When playing Chinese Blackjack, two standard decks of cards are used. The game commences by all players placing a bet. Each player is dealt two cards face down. When determining the value of one’s hand, the cards have scores similar to that of traditional blackjack. However, the major difference lies with the ace. Like traditional blackjack, the ace’s value can vary. However, this variance is dependent upon the number of cards in one’s hand. For example, if a hand is comprised of two cards, then the ace can be counted as either 10 points or 11 points. On the other hand, if the hand consists of three cards, the aces can be used as either a one or a ten. Hands of four or more cards see aces have a value of only one.

There are different combinations of cards that players can have that form a winning hand. One of these is known as a ban-ban which is made up of two aces. If a player gets a ban-ban then their bet is immediately tripled. This hand will win unless the dealer has the same hand.

Another special hand is known as a ban-nag. In this hand, a player must have an ace and then either a 10, jack, queen or king. This is also known as a blackjack in the traditional variation. Again, if the dealer has a ban-nag, they will win. You can win online too at places like ladbrokes.com.

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