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National Bingo

National Bingo Game LogoThe National Bingo game consists of a consortium of about 500 clubs, including Gala Bingo, who all link together to play the National Game every day of the year, except for Christmas Day. The National Bingo Game is played in traditional bricks and mortar bingo halls - not online. Because the game is played across hundreds of clubs, jackpot winners often win really large amounts of money.

One recent winner (in July 2008) was a Coventry grandmother, who won over half a million pounds (£578,000 to be exact). The grandmother, who would prefer to remain anonymous, has been playing bingo since she was 20. She won the money on the National Game's "Platinum Play Off". She is sharing the money with her younger sister with whom she plays. They play together at the Gala Savoy Club in Coventry. She completed a full house after just forty-two numbers had been called - quicker than anyone else in the country. She also called house on the number 90 - a pre-requisite for winning the rollover Platinum prize, although to prevent the jackpot rolling over indefinitely, a play off is held on the last Sunday of every month. In this case, the National Game winner would take a share of the prize no matter what the last number called was.

A recent Platinum Bingo millionaire was an anonymous 64 year old lady from Basildon in Essex, who won a stunning £1,023,353 in June 2008. She had been playing at her local Gala club in Southernhay, Basildon, since 1994 and has been playing there once or twice a week. The winning lady was also a winner in love aswell. She was sadly widowed 12 years ago, but met her new partner at the Gala Bingo club three years ago. The lady has a daughter, three grandchildren and her partner also has two children. "The family will benefit of course", she said.

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