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Bingo and your brain

We all love a game of bingo (or else why are you reading this?!) but we aren't all aware of the positive effects of Bingo. It's official! Bingo is good for your brain. The latest research has shown that playing bingo - whether online or in a bingo hall - keeps your mind alert and responsive, and the older you are, the more beneficial the effects on your brain.

Researchers carried out a randomised trial, and participants were grouped as follows:

Group 1

Group 2

Group 3

Group 4

Aged 18-40, don't play bingo

Aged 18-40, do play bingo

Aged 60-82, don't play bingo

Aged 60-82, do play bingo

Each group had a range of tasks to do that would test the participants mental agility. Within each age group, it was found that the people who played bingo were more mentally agile than those who did not. Even more interesting, was that in some of the tasks, the older bingo players did better than the younger none bingo players. These findings backed up other research which has shown that engaging in activities requiring mental agility helps to maintain and even improve cognitive function in older people.

Playing bingo helps to train the brain in many ways - it helps to keep the brain quick because bingo participants have to recognise numbers within a short space of time and mark them off on their cards. Whilst it is valuable for older people to play other brain games, such as chess and bridge, these games do not require the instant speed and pattern recognition of bingo - although they are good for the brain in other ways.

The above article was based on a study carried out at Southampton University.

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