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Online Casino Blackjack

If you want to enjoy one of the best multi-hand blackjack games on the web, then pop over to Lucky Nugget where you can enjoy the online gambling game that has proven to be the favourite in both the UK and throughout much of the world.

The prime reason for Blackjack’s popularity, which applies equally online and at live casinos, is that it is a game where players can really pit their wits against the casino and as a result they have an almost equal chance of winning long terms as does the casino. 

If you can count cards, then you can gain an even greater chance of beating the casino, and many individuals and card counting teams have made huge amounts of money by employing this tactic, which is completely legal, though it is not unknown for particularly successful card counters to be discreetly asked to leave the casino and never to return. In fact some very successful card counting teams have been banned from just about every casino on the planet and have been forced to resort to disguise in order to gain entry.

Card counting does not usually work online. That is because card counting relies on the deck changing as cards are dealt. Card counting monitors this change enabling players to identify times when their chances of winning are at their maximum, and that relates to times when the number of high cards (ten and the face cards) total more than 30% (the average percentage) of the remaining cards in the shoe, and as a consequence the likelihood of making a blackjack is higher. As blackjacks pay out at 3 to 2, this means that the house edge is eroded and the player is at an advantage.   As the decks of most online blackjack games are electronically shuffled after each round, counting no longer works.

That was before Lucky Nugget introduced blackjack tournaments where card counting really does work. In fact card counters are invited to try out their card counting skills. Players can choose to play 2, 4 or 6 deck games and they play with six other players; it is just like playing at a real casino except that players play for credits rather than real money and, for the winning players, credits are converted to prizes subsequently.

There are both sit-n-go games and scheduled tournaments along with free-rolls and tournaments with affordable buy-ins. It is just like Las Vegas except that players don’t even need to deposit any money. They can win attractive prizes for free.

Lucky Nugget also offers conventional single player online blackjack and many other casino games and slots. The gaming software is developed by Microgaming, monetary transactions are encrypted and secure, and the online casino is independently verified by eCOGRA which means that it is a member of the safest online casinos on the web.

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