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Progressive Bingo Jackpots

Just like there are several ways of playing bingo, such as “cover all”, “four corners”, and “diamond”, there are also many ways of distributing prize money. Rather than just having the same old standard jackpot for every game on every night, bingo hall owners have found new ways of keeping punters interest by offering new and improved types of jackpot, one of which is known as the Progressive jackpot.

Now, when going into bingo halls one of the first thing one notices is the signs denoting Progressive Jackpots but the truth is that many people are still unsure as to exactly what the are or how they work. These jackpots actually rise continuously as the game is played and anyone who is playing a game in a room where a progressive jackpot is displayed has a chance of winning the said jackpot, plus, of course the jackpot of the game in which they are playing. 

As each brand new card pattern emerges, the pattern will have a number which defines the amount of subsequent calls needed to claim the Jackpot. If a player happens to win bingo in this number of calls or less, during Bingo Play, then they will win that rooms bingo progressive Jackpot and their bingo game prize. The Progressive Jackpots that are on display during a Bingo game play can be won by any bingo player who has cards that are currently playing.

Progressive jackpots are also available on online bingo sites and offer an interesting alternative to the free bingo sites that usually serve players that are less experienced than the majority of online bingo players. Giving the players the opportunity to win the progressive jackpot as well as there own jackpot, as well as the fact that people are able to share the progressive jackpot if they reach bingo before the set number of calls.

Progressive jackpots seem to be catching on more and more nowadays and they do offer an interesting alternative for the more experienced bingo player.

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