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Top Five Online Casino Innovations

Online casinos have been one of the great success stories of the internet age. In just under a decade the industry has exploded from a few small companies to some of the biggest names in the UK, and attracting big companies like Sky to create their own casinos in the shape of Sky Vegas.

Part of the success of the online casino model has been their skill at improvising and innovating, and adapting the appeal of physical casinos to the online world. Here are five of the best innovations of the last decade.


Autospin is now a common feature of slot-based games like Rainbow Riches from Sky Vegas. It allows the player to sit back and enjoy the action without having to repetitively click buttons whilst the computer automatically stops when there's something that requires attention like a win or the opportunity to go for a jackpot. Whilst in reality it's a small difference, it makes the process of playing slots much smoother.

Free to Try Games

Setting up an account is a fiddly business and can be an irritation particularly if you're not sure that you really want an account anyway. The best casinos have made their games open to anyone to try for free without having an account. Then, once you've got the bug, you sign up for the real thing.

Real Cards

Online card games have long been a bit of a mystery, because there was no way to prove that the card draws were real. To get round this some casinos have started using real dealers, and showing the deal as it goes over highspeed internet. This is a great step forward and adds another element of reality to the otherwise virtual experience.

Social Networks and Networking

Casinos are a social experience, but online casinos are not, or rather, were not. These days the link between social media and online casinos is very strong and allows people to play with their friends, to make new ones, or to advertise their winnings online. All of which is good news for the casinos and good news for the gamers.

Industry Protection

The online casino industry has one of the best watchdog systems of any UK-based industry. There are hundreds of forums, and many different watchdog sites that all operate to guarantee that gamers don't get scammed. The casinos themselves, meanwhile, fund one of the biggest gambling awareness and addiction care centres in the world in the shape of Gamble Aware.

This article was produced in association with Sky Vegas

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