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Winning Strategies at Bingo

The only way to guarantee winning a bingo is to hold the winning card! However, there are some things that you can do to increase your chances at winning, so it's worth thinking about them. However, bingo is a tough game to win because after the bingo hall has taken their cut, the total pay out is less than the cost of all the cards. Armed with BingoWinnings winning strategy, we can attempt to tilt the odds in our favour.

  1. Find the game with the best percentage pay out. This fact may not be widely advertised, but if you can find information on the percentage of money that is paid out, play the game with the higher percentage.
  2. Limit the amount of money that you spend at any one time. The odds are still in favour of the bingo room so you need to limit your potential to lose money.
  3. Don't necessarily think that playing more cards gives you more chance of winning - but it might be an idea to play more cards in one game and play less games. That will increase the chances of you winning in the actual game that you're playing. However, you do need to be comfortable with the number of cards that you play - see the compare online bingo rooms page for more about playing multiple cards.
  4. Choose cards with different numbers. This sounds obvious, but some cards have very similar numbers. You will have more chance if the cards that you select have different numbers. Online, you can usually reject cards that you don't like the look of, although you can't choose specifically the numbers that you want, nor can you keep the same numbers game to game as the cards are randomly allocated.

Remember that bingo is more of a game for pleasure than for profit, although obviously if you win a big jackpot you will be able to laugh at me "Ha, ha, she doesn't know what she's talking about, now I'm off to spend my winnings!" Just remember that whatever strategy you choose, relax, have fun and make friends.

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